North GA Elite


We have t-shirts available for sale for parents!

  • $14.00 per shirt
  • 2 shirts for $25.00
  • 3 shirts for $30.00

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Parents - All coaches have the final word as to who is on their roster and how playing time is distributed. This is NOT a developmental league or tournaments for "developing" players. While player development is always a top priority with North Georgia Elite, player development is focused on during the off season. North Georgia Elite teams will be competing in and against the top talent not just locally, but regionally and nationally as well, therefore, coaches are going to play who they feel will give them their best chance of success on the court. Parents, please keep in mind as well, rosters can and usually do change from year to year. Our coaches strive for continuity but are constantly trying to improve their rosters on an annual basis. We at North Georgia Elite want each and every player to develop and have fun while doing it, but basketball is like anything else in life, you you only get out of it what you put into it.